Hi, Welcome to Feetpillars!

Who are behind Feetpillars?

Feetpillars is founded by two first timer travelers, Raz & Sonny.  We are coworkers who decided to be travel buddies since we met. We already know on that first time that we are definitely in one boat, it is the great desire to travel. Yes, we had the desire but both of us are too shy and will quickly be lost during travel. We are not rich. We are not even great on socializing. It seems like we’re not born to be travelers. But we want to explore. And that makes everything challenging.


Raz is a Chemist by profession. He is currently learning and practices the profession on his first and current job in an environmental laboratory as a technical support chemist. He is a “goal” person and one of his goals is to travel while young. 😛 He started blogging in the year 2015, launching his own personal multi-oriented blog at http://spideylab.com. Know more about him at http://razbernardino.com.


Sonny is a Biologist by profession. He is currently on a getting-long-term-solid relationship in an environmental laboratory as a project manager.  While being an indispensable employee in his current company, Sonny is an agriculture and a business-oriented guy. He is planning to have his own business too in the future with his strong and determined ability.

What is Feetpillars?

The thought of having a blog rise when we are thinking of archiving the places we visited while still having an easy access to photos and details.  Putting everything on a blog is the best and easy way we know to organize and list the details of our each trip. Might as well, to share these things to others who want to visit the places we had gone to.

As the usual routine on creating a blog, we came up to this unique name, “Feetpillars” after brainstorming for weeks and having a long list of options for a travel blog. This is not counting the time looking for promo deals on registering the domain and hosting it to make our dream online. We need to save on cost, on how we can support a fresh and starting blog to come into life. Well, we partially succeeded as you can finally read this post as of the moment. It is partial because, only the first part is done because there are still many things to think of to make this ambitious dream work.

Literally, Feetpillars is  just a combination of two English words “feet” and “pillars”. The feet here symbolizes our two set of feet having each one as the support or the “pillar” for each one of us. We have chosen this coined term ourselves because we believe that solo travelling is hard — just the same way of living on your own, alone.

Hoping you enjoy the journey.



Raz & Sonny

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