Yahoo! It’s pasalubong shopping time at Baker’s Hill, Palawan. I hope we have more money to buy all the freshly baked goodies in this wonderful and beautiful place!

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The Story

When you talk about Puerto Princesa, the Underground River will be the first thing you will know about it. Then, followed by Honda Bay. Baker’s Hill arrives in the third place as a tourist spot of its own. Well, maybe on my own listing! Haha. So, definitely while planning a trip, one should also plan where to buy the pasalubong. Pasalubong for your loved ones, friends, co-workers and even secret enemies at times! As said that, we chose Baker’s Hill for our pasalubongs since this is known for its best tasting, yes, “baked”  products.

Baker’s Hill Palawan

Baker’s Hill, Palawan Facade.

Baker’s Hill is located uphill at Mitra Road. You’ll pass by here and very hard to ignore when you are on your way to Mitra Ranch. Actually, these two places are near each other and can be access by walking.

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Welcome to Baker’s Hill!

When you plan to buy your pasalubong in Baker’s Hill, make sure you will do it on your last day at Puerto Princesa, or else, you will cary tons of bread and pastries throughout your journey! Do not ever miss the different flavors of hopia! 😀 We modified the “Puerto Princesa City Tour” and visited Baker’s Hill along with Mitra Ranch and Baywalk right before our flight back to Manila. Check out our itinerary here.

Baker’s Hill Bakeshop.

Not Just Baked Goodies

Now I know why this place is so popular. It is like a mini theme park! You can find Shrek and Fiona here, along with a mini playground, and several gardens that are all must visits and “instagrammable”.

Haha. Some slogans here are funny.
Hi Shrek! I wanted to take a picture with you since a longest time ago! Oh, You’re bigger and cuter (?) than I assumed. 😀

I will not be surprise if you spend more time in Baker’s Hill than you would thought. We allotted only 30 minutes to explore it but ended up staying longer. If you have plenty of spare time, you can spend it here, sitting on benches or walking around the park.

Mini playground inside the park.
Who will think that this is located infront of a comfort room?
Oh be careful Sonny. That thing might bite you!
Beautiful Landscaping.

Baker’s Hill also have a viewing deck wherein you can take a look of the city. There are two levels of the viewing deck. You can have a great view here, but Mitra Ranch is better since it is in a higher location.

Let’s take a pose here at the viewing deck.

The park also house some animals, or more exactly, birds. Like this:

A peacock.

How to Go There

A picturesque corner.

We visited Baker’s Hill after some picture taking at Mitra Ranch. We chartered a tricycle for P300 pesos, including waiting time and being Baywalk as our end point. If you plan to stay longer, be considerate and add additional payment to your tricycle driver. Other details are elaborated at this article: Mitra Ranch, Puerto Princesa: Overlooking the Islands of Honda Bay.

This is heavy.

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