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The Story

When we visited Vigan, Ilocos Sur last year, we don’t have any idea if there is any accommodation near Calle Crisologo that is nice and comfortable. Most of the hotels in the area have steep prices. I am not saying that they are unreasonably priced, but simply, they offer their services at high prices because of one thing – an experience of the Spanish era, a taste of the Philippine history. These hotels are ancestral houses converted into a hotel to house potential tourists. Most of them already exist in the area during the Spanish period. Thus, they blend effortlessly in Calle Crisologo’s glimpse of the past, offering the experience into a higher degree. Who doesn’t want to lie in a bed like an elite, anyway?

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HEM Apartelle

We learned about about HEM Apartelle upon looking into Google Maps. Yes, google maps.  It is only two blocks away from Calle Crisologo. That’s translates into a rough 3-5 minutes walk and you’re there! This will be a good choice I told myself. Two weeks before our trip to Vigan, I did a reservation at HEM Apartelle via text message.

HEM Apartelle Building Entrance

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a building you wouldn’t think that can accommodate you. Haha. I mean, it is quite small.

HEM Apartelle Lobby/Entrance.

Their reception or lobby area is clean and neat. I like how they try to conserve space by putting ornaments in a non-obstructive way. Also, entry to the two bunk bed rooms are already here in the lobby. Noise of people coming in and out of the apartelle may disturb people staying in the said rooms, so I suggest not to get these two rooms at the ground floor if you tend to get easily disturbed by noise.

HEM Apartelle Reception Area.

First Impressions

When we arrived, there is no one in the front desk to assist us. We waited for some minutes but still there is no staff around. Since we are already exhausted and wanted to check-in as early as possible, we already decided to rang the bell. Then, a guy from the upper floor promptly went downstairs. Hmmm, I guess he’s the person I have talked to over the phone. I told him that I had a reservation and he confirmed it in their record. He gave me some papers to fill-up. It is asking for some basic and personal information. I am a bit hesitant (and tired too) to write all of the information. Maybe Kuya sensed it and said it is already okay when I’m done filling up the basic infos. Oh, thanks. 😀

That’s my very first time to fill-up a form like that for a stay. Well, this is also my first time staying in an apartelle though.

HEM Apartelle – Twin Room

Right after payment, the staff gave us the key and assisted us going to our room. Now, I figured out why he’s upstairs awhile ago. He’s helping making the beds of the rooms since we arrived right after the check-out time. It’s nice to see that they are changing all the linens and pillowcases upon check-out of their guests. However, it gives guests a sense of disorganize way of doing it. Linens and pillowcases are scattered all around the hallway and staircases. Whoot. Let’s play patintero here, just think of these white linens as they are the lines not to step to!

Well, enough of that. Here’s the room we were given:

HEM Apartelle – Twin Room

Linens so white. Towels so white. Ceiling, walls, floors so white. This is indeed very clean and neat. These pictures above and below were taken when we are about to check-out. The bed isn’t like that when we arrived, it is much more neat. Haha. 😀

HEM Apartelle Table, Cabinet and a flatscreen cable TV.

For P500 per person (P1000 for twin room), the room is large enough and doesn’t feel you are being squeeze, unlike other cheap accommodation. Everything works well, and there is a cabinet where you can hang your clothes during your stay. Cable TV is blurry on other channels though, this is a minor issue for us as we aren’t in Vigan just to watch TV all day.

A better view of the cabinet.

Again, sorry for the towels and our bags.

HEM Apartelle Room Window.

The main difference from staying in a classy hotel in Crisologo is the style. HEM Apartelle tried to still put that classy design in their rooms by placing a capiz window. The material isn’t like the one you can found in ancestral houses but hey, this is still a good effort. I tried to open the window but it seems like it was fixed and non-movable.

HEM Apartelle Comfort Room

Everything went good until we tried to take a shower at night. The water supply is spotty. That became worse when you will use the hot shower since water gets too hot then too cold. However, we manage to do our things, there is water but as I have said it is inconsistent. I reported it after to Kuya (sorry I forgot his name). He apologized for it and later on I found out that their water pump was turned off, hence the reasons for the spotty water supply. It went okay for the next few hours but then the same scenario repeats itself the next day when we are checking out.

HEM Apartelle Room 32.

For P1,000 pesos, HEM Apartelle is a very good option for a cheap but comfy accommodation. We enjoyed our stay in Vigan and felt relaxed with their simple but soft bed and linens. The only thing that needs improvement is the water supply. I will not brush teeth again depending on the water coming out of the faucet, or I’ll again be targeted with a water gun in my face. I hope it is isolated though, and will definitely stay again here if given the chance to re-visit Vigan soon.

Helpful map found in the hallway.

HEM Apartelle
#32 Gov. A. Reyes St., Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

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